Sell your Property

Interested to sell your property in Cyprus? The process of selling a property can be a complex and time-consuming one, but the rewards can be considerable when you get everything right. This is where our Team of Professionals step in to ensure that everything is done correctly and professionally.

Our Multilingual Team undergo continuous training to ensure that your property is sold at the correct market value in the minimum amount of time and without hassle.

We will ensure that:

  • Photographs of your property are taken by a member of our team who specializes in real estate photography and video to ensure the best possible presentation of your property online.
  • One of our distinctive branded “For Sale” banners or boards is put up.
  • Your personal FOX Associate will also take the time to view your property in detail and register all its key features and unique selling points.

We will send you all the details of your property listing for checking before they are published.

Advertising your property online

We will promote your property online through our website with details of your property along with a description and several photographs. Our advertising is designed to maximise the number of potential buyers exposed to your property. We also advertise regularly in local newspapers and property portals, specialized media (our social media channels) and real estate exhibitions if available.

We will be sending your property listing to registered buyers and investors.

As one of the largest real estate companies in Cyprus, we have applicants registering their property requirements with us on a daily basis and so we are able to match your property to the needs of the potential buyers. Whilst using our experience and knowledge to create good matches, we will then email details of your property to interested buyers in our extensive database and follow up with phone calls as well. This is a highly effective proven method for selling your property in Cyprus.

Property viewings

Property viewings are a crucial aspect of any successful property sale and as such are always conducted by one of our experienced FOX Associates. We always recommend that you leave a set of keys with your local FOX Office as it is often a good idea to show buyers the property as soon as they enquire. This also means that we are able to organize viewings without you necessarily being present and therefore you will not need to organize your day around potential buyers viewing times.

Keeping you informed on our progress

At FOX Estates, we understand how important feedback is when you are in the process of selling your property. That is why your Cyprus property is personally assigned to one of our well trained FOX Associates whose job it is to keep you updated on all the steps being taken to assist with the sale of your property. You will have direct access to them including email address and mobile phone number enabling you to contact them at your convenience. Your personal Associate will contact you regularly with feedback on viewings and recommendations based on their experience with potential buyers to maximize the potential to market your home and working together for the best outcome. As soon as any offers from interested buyers are received, we will immediately let you know by phone and confirm in writing.

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