23 February 2023

We have agreed with a banking institution, to receive the decision in 4 days, for all applications from buyers referred to by FOX, for a housing loan (flat or house). We have also discussed the most favorable loan terms (interest rate, repayment method, bank fees etc.)

Thus, the buyer will know whether he has secured a loan and its exact terms, when signing a deposit or sales agreement

This is a significant improvement on current banking practices.

Our agreement requires the bank to give its preliminary answer in 4 days with limited information and documents. After the approval all necessary documents and information will be presented to the bank as required by the Central Bank.

Securing a loan, with suitable terms, is usually a prerequisite for the purchase of a property. Very few buyers can afford, or are willing, to proceed with a property purchase without a loan. Therefore, FOX’s contribution to securing a loan for the purchase of a property is useful.

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